Kirschbaum Gut Feeling (110 m)

Kirschbaum Gut Feeling (110 m)

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GUT FEELING - Kirschbaums latest invention when it comes to maximum comfort and best arm-protection. Taking highest-quality fibres for the inner core and using special production treatments equip this string with a very special touch which feels like playing natural gut.

As a full-job string GUT FEELING is best for recreational players, seniors or those who suffer from arm pain.

Professional players can profit from its features in a hybrid. Some favorites are
- as cross strings along with HELIX in the mains or 
- as main string with MAX. POWER in the crosses. 
There are no limits in combinations, the player's feeling is the main criteria to mix strings up.

  • gut-like playability and touch
  • arm-friendly
  • maximum comfort and support